The cost of taking classes at HOPE is two parts:

Registration and Tuition (additional fees may apply; see Supply fees and Late fees)

Prep Registration Fees

HOPE Prep’s registration fee is $125 for fall registration and $125 for spring registration per family regardless of the number of students in the family or the number of classes taken by each student for the school year. The fee is paid at time of application and each subsequent semester’s registration and is not refundable.  If your family also participates in HOPE Co-op your Co-op fees are waived; your family does not pay for both programs.

Your fee is non-refundable once you have taken a spot in our classes, so please carefully consider your decision before applying for a HOPE class.

Monthly Tuition Fees

The second cost associated with taking a class at HOPE is the teacher’s monthly tuition.  (Some classes also require a one-time supply fee paid before the semester/year begins.)

Monthly tuition is due by the 1st of each month; checks are payable to the teacher for 8 months, September through April.  Teachers are paid $70-$80/month for 2-day a week classes; $35/month for 1-day a week classes. There is a $10 per hour per month fee for each Study Hall.

Logistics of monthly tuition payments:

Class tuition is payable to the teacher. However, do not give those checks or cash directly to the teacher, but please deposit your monthly tuition check into our HOPE tuition box for recording. After being recorded, the check or cash is passed along to the teacher.

This procedure is to assure we maintain dual records in the event of questions regarding payment.

Prep Supply Fees

Certain classes require an annual or semester supply fee (such as Biology for dissection specimens, Chemistry for lab fees, etc.).  Please include that amount – payable to the teacher – with your September tuition checks, for an annual class, or January tuition checks, for a spring semester only class.

Late Fees

Late fees are as follows:

The first time tuition is paid late after the 1st of the month, there is a fee of $25 charged per class and is payable to the teacher.

The second time tuition is paid late after the 1st of the month, there is a fee of $50 charged per class and is payable to the teacher.

Students may not attend any class where a fee is past due.  Families who pay late 3 or more times will no longer be in good-standing with HOPE and may not be admitted the following school year.

Checks which are returned for insufficient funds will be charged a $30 NSF fee to help cover our  bank’s fees.